Oyaide OR-800A Speak Cable

Oyaide OR-800A Speak Cable

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This high quality speaker cable is assembled with Oyaide SPYT Silver-plated and Palladium Forks designed on precision CNC machines extruded on round bars.

The Oyaide OR-800 ADVANCE loudspeaker cable has a double plating Silver and Palladium which ensures a stability of the electrical characteristics in the optimal time.
The conducer has no less than a hundred very thin Litz OFC copper wire. Its special structure prevents deformation between wires due to enamel coating (STE) on the surface and also prevents loss of high frequency.

Thestructure of the cable is in "Star-Quad", a technology that the brand uses for nearly 20 years and whose results have been approved over and over again. Its effect is to cancel by inversion the electromagnetic force present by induction, and to block the external noises and parasites.

Oyaidemanufactures each cable in the same way, optimized engineering solutions applied to materials and manufacturing processes, complemented by meticulous craftsmanship.


  • Conductor: OFC Litz wire of higher class
  • Cable Structure: Star-Quad
  • External Insulation: Polyolefin Polymer
  • Insulation Inside: Coiled Cotton Layer / Polymer Polyetiren
  • Connectors: OYAIDE SPYT Forks Silver and Palladium
  • Total cable diameter: Ø 15mm
  • Length: 2 meters

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