Oyaide MWA-RC (set of 6)

Oyaide MWA-RC (set of 6)

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EMI Absorption cap for RCA Jack
Qty: 6 pieces


Sendust alloy flat metal powder
The MWA-RC MWA electromagnetic wave absorbing material which is adhered to the top surface of, without adversely side effects to the sound quality and video, and the materials "sendust alloy" with a strong noise absorption capacity has been formulated. In sendust alloy (SENDUST) is old and new material, has been developed in Sendai in the 1930s, magnetic loss ability is high, Al, is the alloy of domestically made from Fe, SiO2. The sendust alloy was processed into a high flat shape powder having electromagnetic wave absorbing performance, and by forming an oxide film on the powder surface while ensuring the insulation, it was incorporated into the base member. The base material, using a polyethylene-based special rubber. The polyethylene-based special rubber layer a flat shape powder of sendust alloy, by aligning uniform and parallel, has won the maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance.
Electromagnetic wave absorption of MWA-RC sheet, equivalent to the specs of the MWA-100S.

Easy use of only plug into a free port of the RCA jack
"MWA-RC" is a simple use of only plug to RCA jack of white space on the audio equipment · AV equipment, Torr block the dust and vibration and noise. Tuned polypropylene cap to moderate hardness, to suppress the vibration transmitted to the RCA jack, and improve the turbidity of the sound. Sendust alloy-based electromagnetic wave absorbing material affixed to the cap top surface, strongly cut off the noise component to dive into RCA jack, disappeared converted to Joule heat. In addition, to shut out dust and moisture from entering the RCA jack in, the deterioration of the electrode, to prevent in advance the problems due to poor contact.

By the "MWA-RC" multiple use, it enhanced the effect. Further, since the conventional metal short pin to avoid the trouble of short, limited only to the use of the input jack. But I could not use to the output jack, "MWA-RC" is not a risk of a short circuit for the resin, it can also be used for any input jack / output jack.

Just plug in the free port of the RCA jack, triple block the dust and vibration and noise.